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Send In Your Photos

How do you Make It Happen?

The I-Make It Happen site is solely populated by photos from the users, YOU!  So we need you to share with us your photo of how you Make It Happen!  What do you do during the day at work? Once you put in your time how do you relax and enjoy after hours?  Were you passing by and see someone else that inspired you as they were Making It Happen? Share it with us!  We want to post the coolest, unique, entertaining, educating, inspiring photos of how everyone Makes It Happen!

Upload your photos: http://www.i-mih.com/sendinyourphotos/uploadphotos/ OR Email your photos to: [email protected][dot]com


  • Military: have you or your family/friends served?  Lets us honor them in a post
  • Odd jobs- do you work somewhere no one has seen? Something strange?
  • After work MIH – throwing a great theme party? horse back riding? dirt biking? surfing?
  • Factories – we want to spotlight our proud factory workers and how they deliver a true made in the USA
  • The I-MIH pose – send in you and your coworkers at work doing the pose! (see logo below if confused)
  • In your I-MIH gear – send in your photos at work or play in your I-MIH apparel

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