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Luiz: swim, run, bike, win

Check out Luiz @luizmcm getting his sweat on and Making It Happen!  Swimming, running or biking he gets it done!  Great job Luiz!



Today’s feature comes from Arnel (@tri4success) who has the heart of a champion.  Born an athlete, he has been training, running, swimming and biking to complete and become a true Ironman. Right now he is currently training to compete in Miami and Lake Placid and we wish him much luck!  Keep on Making It Happen Arnel!!


Swim, Bike, Run to victory

Ronaldo (@rofonsecatri) does them all; swim, bike, and run!  He’s a serious triathlete; he has completed (3) Ironman competitions and classified to World Triathlon Olympic Distance in Edmonton-Canada.  Make It Happen Ronaldo!