The Looner Board

Today we have the privilege to share with you a a truly awesome I-Make It Happen story about a company called Looner Boards.  Looner was started by Johnny Hawkes in 1976, a longboard wheel brand that made wheels called the Fireballs which broke the British Land Speed record for skateboarding in the late 70s.  As the longboarding craze died down, Johnny scaled down Looner to selling wheels and parts while moving into modern furniture and sculpture business he runs today. In the summer of 2012 Charlie Hawkes (Johnny’s son) and friend Alastair Humphries-Cuff found one of the old decks (boards) his father used and set it up to ride. They had a blast but were stuck sharing just one board, so they took to Charlie’s fathers workshop and built another.  The experience of the build was all it took and soon they started a plan to relaunch his father’s brand Looner.  With some modern day touch ups on the logo but preserving the retro look and name, they started building the new Looner Boards.  The wood from the boards is all made by hand and each logo is burned in with help from Johnny, the orginal Looner.  The fellas now have a killer board, a established brand and are out to Make It Happen and spread the Looner! It’s their passion and drive that inspired us to feature them and a great story if you need motivation on an idea of your own.  Today Looner has multiple style boards, they are progressing in new wood types, and have created a website where you can purchase a board of your own.  Great job Making It Happen!  If your interested in a board please visit their website:  Looner Boards